Manatee Shaped Chicken Tender For Sale

As Floridians, you've probably seen a manatee a time or two, however you may not have seen one in your lunch like this woman from the west coast of Florida. Melinda Britt Disbrow had one tender left over in her Culver's lunch and when she looked closer at the piece of food, she noticed it looked just like a manatee! After sharing the oddly shaped tender with her friends and co-workers, they decided to post it for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

That manatee chicken tender now has a whopping price tag of $5,000.

Melinda added to her Marketplace post that you "must see to appreciate". This manatee chicken tender has since gone viral. Melinda's post has received thousands of comments and a few not-so-serious offers. Overall, Melinda said the post was just meant to make others smile and raise awareness about safe boating and manatee conservation.

“It’s really sad... it’s very rare to see one that doesn’t have scars from propellers on it. So, if this can put it out there, make people aware, it’s well worth it -- and it’s an awesome chicken tender!" - Melinda

Melinda says she has safely stored the chicken in her freezer to keep it fresh. If the tender does sell, Melinda will donate the money to a manatee charity.

Are you interested in buying the tender? Click here to purchase.

Source: Click Orlando, Video: CBS Miami

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