Florida Man Sets Off Firework In Car, Nearly Blows Off Hand

Corey Waugh's hand was partially severed after a firework blew up on it inside his car! This all took place in Deltona, FL over the holiday. Emergency officials received a call that a firework went off inside a vehicle outside of the victim's house.

When deputies arrived on scene, they found the driver and the passenger on the ground, where Corey's arm was bleeding profusely. The friend did not sustain major injuries, but told authorities he could not hear out of his left ear. The windshield of the vehicle was shattered and the driver's side window was blown out. Deputies also found a red torch lighter that was blown apart and multiple fragments of Corey's hand.

Police believe the man pulled out the projectile from the firework, placed it in his right hand, and lit the fuse. However, the two in the vehicle state that all they remember was lighting a cigarette followed by the explosion.

Both are suspected to be okay, however, Corey's hand will most likely be amputated.

Source: Click Orlando

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