Popular Instagram Doctor Saves Person's Life On A Plane

Some people don't just play doctor's on TV, they also play them in real life and when a medical emergency took center stage on a flight to Tel Aviv, a celebrity doctor rose to the occasion and saved the life of a passenger.

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, who is better known as "Doctor Mike", was voted "America's Sexiest Doctor" by People magazine and is a regular on Fox Business, was aboard a Delta flight from New York City's JFK to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport when the incident occurred.

Matt Faraco was the passenger who went into anaphylactic shock two hours into the flight.

“I was on the plane, I actually hadn’t eaten anything, but I noticed my hands were swelling. I told the stewardess I was feeling unwell. The team on the plane asked for any doctors on board and Dr. Mike stepped forward," Faraco said.

The passenger felt his throat starting to close after an allergic reaction to something. With no EpiPen on the plane, Dr. Mike was able to use what was on board to help the man and stayed with him the rest of the flight.

The two men were able to reunite on their trip in Tel Aviv and Matt couldn't be happier he shared a flight with a real doctor and not just someone who plays one on TV.



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