Obese Monkey Named Uncle Fatty Has Escaped From Fat Camp And Feared Dead


Why can't we just let people and animals be who they want to be? If a monkey wants to be obese, let the monkey be obese.

There's a monkey in Thailand whose name is Uncle Fatty and he weighs over 33 pounds, which is twice the average for his species. He was also big enough to warrant an intervention by veterinarians.

In fact, his weight was so bad that he got sent to the monkey equivalent of a fat camp a few years ago. It worked, too as he dropped eight percent of his weight and the staff there decided he was just about ready to be released back in with the rest of the monkeys.

Then one night he disappeared. Uncle Fatty somehow managed to escape from fat camp.

Unfortunately, the staff thinks there's a chance he's dead because they can't find him and monkeys will isolate themselves when they know they're dying so other monkeys won't witness it.

One of his handlers said, quote, "He might have died of old age because Uncle Fatty has already lived beyond the age average." I hope he feels like he lived his best life.


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